Get french in your genes

Parlez, écrivez et comprenez!

Whether you’re looking for help in school or simply want to have a new USP, there is nothing more effective than being taught by a professional. For the past decade, I've been teaching people of all ages across Navi Mumbai, and now, it's your turn to get the personalized attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential.

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Qui est-ce ?

Enhancing the unique skill in each

A native French speaker from Mauritius, a bilingual country with French as the national language, Sonal Desai has been teaching French since 2015.

  • Coached over 750 people across levels and functions. 

  • Often sought for her innovative way and mastery on the French language.

  • Pushes the bar higher for her students though has simple and fun filled way to understand French.

Through techniques customised from constant learning, you are sure to reach your goals.

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Our Services

  • Exams paper practice, on-the-spot essay, theme-based role-plays

    1 hr

    Varies as per grade
  • Practice and master specific grammar topics.

    1 hr

    Starts at ₹150/hr
  • DELF A1-B2 practice and guidance to become an expert

    2 hr

    Varies as per level